Ice Cream Menu (our flavors change daily)

Almond Joy                                   Lo Fat/No Sugar

Black Cherry                                  Amaretto Almond

Blueberry Pie                                 Fudge Ripple

Black Raspberry                             Butter Pecan

Rocky Road

Butter Pecan                                  Toppings

Cappuccino Kahlua                          Brownie Bites

Chocolate                                       Butterfinger

Chocolate Peanut Butter                  Caramel Syrup

Coffee Crunch                                Cherries                   Chocolate Chip                               Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough          Chocolate Sprinkles

Chocolate Therapy                         Chocolate Syrup        Coffee                                          Coconut Flakes

Cookies and Cream                        Glazed Pecans

Cookie Monster                             Gummy Bears

Cotton Candy                                Heathbar Crunch

Crazy Cake                                   Hot Fudge                  Everything Under the Sun              M & M Pieces

Maple Walnut                               Marshmallows

Mint Chocolate Chip                      Marshmallow Sauce

Pistachio                                      Oreo Crumbles

Pralines N Cream                          Peanuts

Reese's                                        Pineapple

Rum Raisin                                   Pecans

Salted Caramel                              Rainbow Sprinkles

Strawberry                                    Reese's Cups

Strawberry Cheesecake                  Reese's Pieces

Superman                                     Strawberry Sauce

Toasted Coconut                           Waffle Cone Pieces

Turtle                                           Walnuts

Vanilla                                          Whipped Cream

Vanilla Fudge Swirl                        White Chocolate Chips


                                                   Butterscotch Sauce

                                                   Wet Walnuts


Kimi's Ice Cream and Coffees "From Cow to Cone"


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Saturday + Sunday 12:00pm-9:30pm

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OUR ICE CREAM MENU (change daily)